March- April 2009: Hope springs eternal

After months of practice, we were ready for Madeline’s school show. “Horton Hears a Who!” Madeline was in the chorus

Theo’s favorite hiding spot

Theo loves creating movies on “line rider”

The video is actually available on Google, click HERE

Mom, Dad and “the bump” go to the Oscars.

Madeline and Theo’s class Writing Celebration where they share the pieces they have been working on.

Finally! A huge blizzard! Approximately 12 inches overnight.

What do you do when the snow service forgets to come plow your driveway? Do it yourself!

And get the kids to help...

(It’s being taken in picture that Madeline hates)

... or hide!

Conclusion: Gontran spent 2 early hours shoveling so he could get to work on time, threw his back out, and spent the day in bed high on pain killers…

And Madeline likes to play an icicle

Theo has switched from the Oboe to the trumpet.

Madeline was awarded “student of the month”

Spring is here! Time to start hiking

Central Park

I made a final trip to the city with Madeline and Theo. Next time, we will have a stroller, diaper bag, car seat, change of clothes, toys... and a baby!

Checking out dad’s office

Madeline made a meal by herself - chili and cornbread. She loves setting a fancy table, complete with name tags

Theo’s meal was a delicious breakfast casserole with waffles, maple bacon, eggs and cheese. He prepared it the night before and cooked it in the morning. Oh! What Joy! To lay in bed and hear someone in the kitchen setting the table, turning on the oven and then smelling breakfast cooking.

Getting ready for baby! Madeline pitched in to help restore an old dresser into a gorgeous changing table.


and after!

And then Madeline made a snow globe.

Baby’s first toy!

My friends threw me an amazing baby shower!

The baby shower was tons of fun—thanks so much to all of my friends and family for coming and to Bridgette for hosting!

Auntie B and cousin Allison (chef extrordinaire) flew in from California to do the catering.

and soon recruited two little sous chefs to chop, dice and peel

Three pregnant friends

Still growing!

A few words about baby de Quillacq. It is a total spaz. Imagine you went into the back yard and grabbed a squirrel and put it in a paper bag. Then shake it up an voila! That is what I feel all day long. So, we’ve nicknamed it “the squirrel.”

According to my medical degree from, the baby is having inter-uterine fetal seizures. Why did my doctor roll his eyes when I mentioned this?

And speaking of babies…. Welcome Axelle Leurent, daughter of Sophie and Loic

Four generations! Axelle, Sophie, Blandine and Mamie.

Welcome Peyton Alice Muscarello!

Welcome Chloe Juliette DiPaolo

Here it is…… your moment of zen - click HERE