Christmas to Valentine's Day "To France with L♥ve"

Just a few pictures, as the schedule has been quite busy for this end of year 2008.

Making our ginger bread house

Madeline�s Christmas chorus show

Santa came!

Congratulations to Lisa and Mike Keller who welcomed their twin girls Guilianna and Serina!

On Christmas day, we flew to France for the Quillacq clan family reunion. All of us met there, or 29 at the last count, with 3 more in progress!

Plenty of opportunities to eat, joke, talk, play or simply share life again together

We also tried the local game of bourle (invented by bored sailors a few centuries ago).
Guess what, it�s the Quillacq team that won.

A few of Mamie�s 11 sisters passed by.

Dinner for 40 at cousin Emmanuel de Quillacq�s renowned Flamish estaminet, a great and delicious opportunity to meet that other half of the family!

A few hours remained available for a visit of Lille.

The view from on top of the huge ferris wheel

And off to Paris for a few days of discovery.

Honestly, it was exceptionally crowded with foreigners and so cold, that the experience wasn�t optimal.

But there was so much to fill our eyes everywhere, and so little time to do so, that we will undoubtedly come back for more.

The Eiffel Tower, first classic

Le Louvre, from the gardens

and the Louvre�s famous pyramid

The Champs-Elysees by night

Notre-Dame by dusk

The Luxembourg gardens

The City Hall

The incredible Orsay museum

The Sacre-Coeur, at the Butte Montmartre

Blandine, Anne, Thibaut and Baptiste came down for the day to be tourists with us

Back home, we got our first snowfall-- it was just a dusting, but that didn�t stop Madeline from collecting snow from the neighborhodd with the wheelbarrow and making the first snowman!

The band had it�s first show , as Theo plays the hoboe, and Madeline the flute

Lots of practice went into it!

Finally, a decent snowfall!

and so a decent snowman!

Then dad comes home to add a little danger�

A quick trip to the Poconos for a day of skiing

Valentine�s Day: Madeline made cell-phone cards with candy buttons for numbers (same as last year, but it was such a great idea, we did it again!)

Theo made paper airplanes, his specialty, with smarties taped on top.

And don�t forget cookies with love hearts on them!

I am sure that you�ve heard by now that we are expecting baby number three at the end of May. It has been nearly 10 years since I was last pregnant, and whoa! have things changed! Being pregnant is so different this time�especially England in 1999 vs. the USA in 2009.

Last time around, we didn�t even have the INTERNET!!!! For example, I wonder if using an electric blanket is OK during pregnancy? I don�t have to wait 2 months for my next doctor�s appointment to ask-- I just google it! Then Google comes up with 1264 answers.

623 responses indicate that it is perfectly harmless, and 641 explain that it will cause major fetal abnormalities. Hmmm��.. guess I�ll still have to wait until that doctor�s appointment.

Here it is, your moment of zen; Click here to see a pregnant woman�s bedside table.