December 2008 - Two lines


Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit. We enjoyed the gorgeous fall weather and prepared for Halloween.

We showed them how to fly a kite Jersey style!

We had a great soccer season.

Our next visitors were Bridgette and Jenna from Memphis and Santa Cruz. We were New York City tourists for a day.

We kicked off Halloween with a show at school.

Madeline was a �goth girl� and Theo was a ghost.

Check out all that loot!

Theo�s boy scout troop helped organize the �Haunted Hike� where they transform the local forest into a Halloween nightmare.

Gontran is cute as a blond!


Barry and Elias got married!

In the days preceding the election we got pretty excited. Our wonderful but Republican friends went away on a Disney Cruise, so we took that opportunity to �Obama� their house.

It�s hard to tell from the photos, but we put up over 20 signs�� then took a photo on our cell phone and sent it to their cell phone. From their deck chairs in the Carribbean, they helpless watched helplessly as their house turned into a huge campaign slogan for our side. While the cat�s away, the mice shall play!

We also McCain�ed our Democrat friends� house to make it fair...

Madeline made another fabulous meal: strawberry and banana appetizer, followed by an international meal of Chinese fried rice and Swedish meatballs. Dessert was Italian pannacotta. Delicious!

A few days later Theo prepared his meal: corn soup appetizer followed by puff pastry filled with various combinations of asparagus, ham, broccoli, cheese and smoked salmon. Dessert was a gorgeous gingerbread cake with powdered sugar decorations. Bravo!

Thanksgiving was celebrated at the Butler�s home. We had a great potato peeler and turkey carver.

Bon appetite!

No gathering is complete without a game of chess.


Happy 40th Birthday Gontran!!

Time for Christmas decorations!

Mom and Madeline made lots of wreaths for the house using branches from the trees outside.

Our Christmas angel

Our first snowfall had the kids playing in the yard until 11 PM.

We went to town for the annual Christmas tree lighting, complete with fireworks, Santa and hot cocoa. Followed by dinner and dessert at the Schweitzer�s.

Santa came a little bit early and brought us our new fios TV system totally loaded. OMG how did we ever live without it? Oh, and Rick Matey, now we can record TWO different shows at a time WHILE watching another channel!

Mitsie, Tracy and I got tickets to be in the studio audience of �the View�. They gave every one in the studio audience a mug and a $270 gift certificate for a Coach bag! What a fun day in the city!

We are off to France for the much anticipated de Quillacq family reunion. And then heading down to Paris for a few days of sight seeing.

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