What a summer!

We�ve had quite a fun summer! It all kicked off with our housewarming party�.

shortly followed by our 4th of July party.

We had a blast at several weddings, including a short trip to Nantes, France to see Gregory and Beatrice tie the knot. Then, a beautiful day in Oxford for the stunning wedding of Lucy and Lindsay. Madeline was in awe of Lucy�s long white dress, and followed her everywhere with adoring devotion. At one point, Lucy let Madeline try on her tiara!

The next day, after Madeline�s incessant comments about Lucy�s �boo-ful wedding dress,� mom popped over to the local fabric shop to buy a few remnants and create a masterpiece!

Early July, Elizabeth, Theresa and Lisa really showed their age and rocked out at the Rod Stewart concert!

On the 12th of July, the entire de Quillacq family was delighted to welcome a new baby to the clan. Virginie and Stephane have a gorgeous baby boy named Paulin.

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Back in London, those hot summer days were perfect for visiting the zoo, or joining the Wills triplets for a walk along the Thames or sitting on a cow.

Where is the monkey?

The twins went to their first movie! We saw Ice Age and it was terrific. Theo was glued to his seat. Afterwards he just kept repeating �what a BIG t.v.!!� By their 3rd film, Stuart Little 2, Madeline and Theo were cinema pros�they sat quietly with their little fingers wrapped around a tub of popcorn and stared bug-eyed at the screen.�

At the end of July, Mom took the twins to Germany with our friends Theresa and her son Alexander. We stayed for a week at Theresa�s parents house deep in the heart of Bavaria.

We enjoyed al fresco dining, a boat trip, going for a ride with Alexander and an awesome amusement park.

How can you fit three kids, 2 adults (one pregnant) plus luggage into a rental VW Beetle?
Madeline volunteers to go in the trunk

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In August, the Garrison family from Utah came to stay. We had a terrific time catching up with these old friends � Bridgett and Elizabeth were both nannies in Paris together.

Mamie and Bon-Papa (Grandma and Grandpa de Quillacq) came to visit us twice�once in July and once at the end of August.

Their last trip was initially for baby-sitting, but Bon-Papa�s free-time was put to some good use. He trimmed the whole garden and also repainted our office; this included moving back and forth 7 bookshelves! He even managed to put back all the

A fantastic job. Many many thanks to both!

Meanwhile mom and dad took off for 8 days to go to the Greek Island of Kefalonia!

We rented a motorbike and explored the island�

Theo and Madeline are really starting to play together. At the playground, they are inseparable- one follows the other. They encourage each other to do things they might otherwise be afraid to do, shouting words of encouragement � "Come on Madeline! Come on Theo! Follow me! Come up here!�

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Madeline�s current interests include face painting, singing the ABC song in French and English, looking at herself in the mirror, talking on the phone, putting on her own shoes and socks, tearing up library books, drawing faces, talking to her dolls Jessica, Carrie and �baby�, and eating porridge for breakfast.

Theo enjoys drinking Coke and mommy's coffee, playing with the hose, tearing up expensive library books, climbing ladders, frames, and up the slide at the playground, picking his nose, slurping cheerios for breakfast, putting his precious blanket in the oven, "gros biscuit" (big cookies) that Mamie brings, hiding in the covers on mom and dad's bed, saying "tick-ah-tick-ah-tick-ah-tick-ah" super fast when he's

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What a busy summer- we�re exhausted!

Language skills are advancing by the second. Madeline is really good in French and has a fantastic accent. She pronounces the French �th� and �r� very hard for a comical result�Theo becomes Tay-HHHO.

They are both great in understanding the differences between French and English, because mom is constantly asking �how does daddy say it?� For example, when I point to the trash can and I ask �how does mommy say it?� They answer �trash can.� I then ask �How does daddy say it?� They answer �poubelle.� Then for fun, I ask �How does Sarah say it?� they answer in a proper British accent �rubbish bin.�

Another time, a thirsty Madeline came up to me and in a very Oxford accent inquired �mummy, cun I have suhm wah-tah? (water)� I said �how does mommy say it?� and she replied in a very American accent �Mom, can I have some wa-DER?�

They both love discussing their favorite things-- at the end of the day, when they are all snuggled in bed, I ask them �what was your favorite thing today?� It�s amazing to me that they can remember little details like the dog we saw in the park, or the toy boat they played with at toddler group. As far as other favorites, like color or animal, it seems to change by the minute!�