We've moved!

We found a lovely house, just down the hill... Our new address is 70 Palace Road London N8 8QP. Our e-mail address remains the same at E&G@quillacq.com The kids are so happy to have more room to run around, not to mention a lovely garden (backyard), complete with a sand box, play house, bridge, and the local cat to chase.

Our first morning in the new house - we don't care if it's raining outside, we want to play in the backyard!

Daddy teaches Theo the finer points of garden maintenance

Just 10 days after the move, mom and dad took a 4-day weekend break to Lisbon, Portugal. Thanks to Nick, Theresa, Monica and Sarah for taking care of the twins.

Looks like San Francisco, huh?

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At the end of April, we went to the Dordogne region of France for 10 days. We drove all the way there from London.

Theo's favorite part of the journey was when we "put mommy's car on the boat."

Madeline enjoyed stopping for hot chocolate at a caf�.

but it made a funny mustache on Theo

The Dordogne region is beautiful, with castles at every turn and spectacular views.

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The area is especially known for it's gastronomic delights-truffles, foie gras, magret de canard (duck breast), cab�cou (goat cheese), and not to mention the sweet white wines from Montbazillac and Sauternes. We loved hopping from one chateau to the next, tasting their harvests and pilling a few cases in the trunk. Needless to say, that by the end of the trip, our car was so full that the back bumper was literally dragging on the ground!

Daddy with a couple of cases

Theo checking up on the vines

While mom and dad were busy eating the local delicacies, Madeline and Theo were at the other end of the food chain, feeding the ducks...

... or eating ice cream!

As a finale, we drove down to Agen, to visit Gontran's brother and his family. Their three children, Emilie, Marion and Pauline were great twin-sitters!

A stroll in the countryside

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All in all, a very pleasant vacation. Madeline and Theo are becoming closer and play so much more together. Heck, I think they even like eachother!

Back in London and things are rolling along. Madeline is developing a cheeky sense of humor and Theo loves to ride on the giraffe outside our local toy shop.

We especially love to go to the park with our friend Alexander

we're off to the park!

We've gotten some great weather lately, and so we blew up a few pools in the backyard.

Pool party!

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Madeline's current hobbies include: waking up 3 times a night wanting a snuggle, being naked, playdough, eating lollypops, hiding behind curtains, wearing necklaces and bracelets (the gaudier the better), painting, going to Tick Tock music group, and showing everyone her "owies" (boo-boos).

Theo's current hobbies include: waking up 3 times a night (different times from Madeline), chasing flies, drinking coffee, hitting things with a big stick, taking a bite out of each apple in the fruit bowl (I can identify those teeth marks!), waking Madeline at 6 AM by chucking his mattress on her head, and stealing Tom and Jerry videos from Blockbuster's.

Their main communal interest is watching the Dora the Explorer show on Nick Jr. But Madeline gets really upset if ever there is a "mechant messieur" (mean person). They both like to do things in real life, "just like Dora Splorer." When we're walking over a bridge, they squeal "walking over da bridge, jus like Dowa Splora!" or if they see a boat, it's "jus like Dowa Splowa's boat!"

A few good words:

* Mummy says that it�s time to go to bed; Madeline points her finger and say �I said no!�

* To pry them away from the TV, mom had the bright idea of unplugging the TV and pretending it was broken. Soon after we sawTheo, hands on his head repeting to everybody: �TV is broken, what are we gonna do?�

� Madeline, what do you want for breakfast?� - �How about candy?� (also: �How about I-cream?�)

In the next update: Moving to big beds and potty training...

That's all for now; we wish everyone a happy spring! And remember, there's a guest room in our new place just waiting for you!