June 17th, 2001: Happy Father's Day !!

Mom finally found the time to decorate the babies room. We choose a Japanese theme in red'the curtains and bench cushion have red

pagodas and Japanese scenes, lined in red checks. The other chairs have red striped cushions.

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The twins are so proud of themselves when they climb the stairs all by themselves! (and paranoid Mom cautiously follows them out, arms extended ready to catch any falling baby).

Their vocabulary is increasing every day! Madeline's favorite is 'eee-peee' (airplane) which she spots and points to constantly as we live in the path of all planes landing and taking off from Heathrow some 20 miles away.

Theo loves to say bye-bye to everyone and everything. On entering the house he has to say bye-bye to each and every flower in the front garden! This can take upwards of ten minutes!

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Favorite toy at present is the miniature stroller that we got at a garage sale. Madeline always makes sure her passenger, the giraffe, is safely sitting with his 'eeee-bee' (seatbelt).

A new bath time favorite is the plastic tea set. They spend lots of time pouring the 'tea' into cups and then, much to the dismay of mom and dad, pouring the contents over the tub onto the floor.

We are finally off babyfood. I know, I know, they should have finished with the magical purees a year ago, but it was just soooooo much easier. They eat a lot of pasta, mashed potatoes, quiche, chicken nuggets, baked beans, rice, scrambled eggs, toast, oatmeal, peas, banana, peaches and yoghurt. They took straight away to the fork and are now eating like little pros. And both like to drink from their cups, without the spill-proof lid.

Auntie Barbara recently sent Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. What an instant hit! Theo giggles when he sees Andy and Madeline snuggles with Ann all night long. Sweet!

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Cousin Sophie (daughter of Blandine, Gontran's sister) is here in London for a month. She is an au pair for brand new twins who live just 5 minutes from us. Sophie will be taking some intensive English classes and we will enjoy spending lots of time with such a beautiful and intelligent young lady! Not to mention that Madeline and Theo are in LOVE with her !

On May 19th 2001, both Madeline and Theodore were baptized in Lille at the same church where their parents were married.

Mom recently had a long weekend break in New York City with childhood friends Trae Terrel & Jennifer Schweickert. What a blast! We saw the show 'The Producers' with Matthew Broderik, ate at amazing restaurants and shopped till we dropped - all this in a chauffeur driven Limo! The visit was such a success that us girls have decided to make this a yearly tradition - Next year a spa in Sedona? I've already packed.

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Last but not least,


A few days ago at the park, she just stood up and took a few steps. Now she's walking well while holding my hand, or on her own, she can manage about five steps at a time. Well done!!

Happy Father's Day!

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Hello Financial Times? my daddy's name is spelled G-O-N-T-R-A-N