Time for new shoes for Theo! At the store, baby's first shoes for walking start at size 20. Well, Theo is just barely a size 20. For non-walkers like Madeline, infant shoes start at size 18. Madeline is a size 17, so I had to special order her shoes! They are so petite, the size of some new-borns. Mom was a bit concerned about this so a quick visit to the doctor told us that they are both in great health, just small. Theo is in the 25th percentile

weighing 23 lb.. Madeline is in the 2nd percentile weighing 20 lb..

Both kids favorite lookout point is the bench under the living room window.

Madeline pops up and down saying 'pee-ba' (peek-a-boo). The bench is also a great place to spot birds.

Theo waves 'ya ya'(bye bye) to every person or car that passes.

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Here we are !

Madeline does what we call 'the buckwheat' when she sees birds or anything else exciting. She has several faces that she likes to make: the 'Oooohh' Buckwheat face, the bottom teeth protruding, and various sticking out of the tongue faces.

The twins have gone through the rough transition from 2 naps to one (rough for mom who misses the breaks!) They now take one longer nap around noon. But they have 2 very different sleep rhythms. Theo is always up in the morning with the sun, while Madeline would sleep until 8. Theo makes sure she's up, too. Theo is a terrific napper and could easily take a three-hour nap. Madeline, on the other hand, insists that everyone is up after and hour and a half. If I'm quick enough, I can dart into their room and get Madeline out before she wakes him up. Otherwise, she'll wake him by throwing stuffed animals at him and singing his name 'EEEEE----OOOOO, EEEEE----OOOOO, EEEEE---OOOOO....'

Because they nap less, we are able to get out and about much more. We go to playgroups almost every morning and sometimes again in the afternoon. They love the big open spaces and variety of new toys and new children. Most playgroups have a song time, which is a big hit with Madeline. Her favorite songs are 'zoom zoom zoom, we're going to the moon' and the still popular 'Old MacDonald's Farm.' Theo likes 'If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.'

Even though the weather is nicer, we don't go to the park that often because they still aren't walking. Theo likes the swings and Madeline likes the slide. Try to juggle that on your own when each is at opposite sides of the playground!

Mom joined a gym and is trying to take advantage of the on-site free cr'che. But it is difficult to get too engrossed in a workout, because I know that at any moment the cr'che manager is going to come get me because one or the other is upset. In fact, the more I go, the more these two are catching on to my sinister plan. Now, Madeline starts crying when I pull in to the parking lot! So use of that wonderful free cr'che is becoming less and less. At least I tried.

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Theo's favorite pastime is books! His all-time favorite is Dr. Seuss's 'Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?' He loves you to read it to him over and over and over. I sometimes catch him in the corner trying to read it to himself. According to him, every page says 'Boom, Boom, Boom!'

Theo really likes to play with his shape sorter. He's great at it. He knows where each shape goes and gets it every time. Lazy Madeline prefers to take the lid off the bucket and just put all the shapes in that way. Saves time, you see.

All kidding aside, Theo is incredibly intelligent and we are currently filling out the paperwork for him to join MENSA. A perfect example of his brain in action: Mom bought a wooden puzzle, the kind with the pictures of the sun, a duck, a car, a house, etc. After seeing it only a few times, Theo took the empty puzzle and began putting each piece in it without hesitation. We were flabbergasted!

Theo's mom recently gave him a haircut. He looks like one of those Carthusian monks who have a 'bowl cut' where it is practically shaved on the sides but long and round on top. In her defense, Mom stated, 'Well, you try to cut the hair of a rolling, wiggly, antsy, toddler!'

Theo was horribly sick a few weeks ago. Sarah could hardly wake him from his nap, and when mom got home, he was burning with fever, vomiting, etc. We rushed to the doctor, who rushed us to the hospital. Lots of tests were taken, and meningitis was mentioned, so we were rushed by ambulance to another hospital that had an isolation room for poor Theo. No one slept that night. 48 hours later, the tests all came back negative. It was just a very nasty virus. Theo was miserable in the hospital. He wasn't allowed to touch any toys nor allowed to leave his little crib for fear of spreading germs. He had a drip in his arm that he hated, and he kept calling for 'Nani' (Madeline). When we finally got home, he got better within a few days. He needed his Baby Bumble Bee video, apple juice from his favorite cup, Cheerios and 'Nani'. Madeline was apparently really weird while Theo and Mom were away. She wouldn't smile, had lots of trouble sleeping, and was basically gloomy. She was SO happy to see her 'EEE-OOO' Thanks to Sarah for staying with Madeline so Daddy could go to work.

Madeline just learned to kiss. Too cute! Daddy was the lucky recipient of her first kiss. Now she will kiss Theo on demand.

Theo returns the affection by patting her on the head, or pulling her hair, depending on his mood.

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Madeline can put 2 words together and it sounds so sweet! She says 'Mommy down' if she wants me to put her down, 'Mommy pata' if she wants pasta for lunch, and 'EEE-OOO kk-ii' if Theo's crying. She recently discovered how to make mommy come running: just shout 'MOMMY POO POO!!!'

Theo loves to finish his milk or juice and say 'a ga' (all gone).

Madeline's favorite pastime is to splash daddy during the bath. She laughs so uncontrollably that it makes everyone else laugh!

Remember Madeline's 'evil stare'? Well, it came in handy the other day when she had the very desirable toy cash register at a playgroup. If another child would dare approach her and get closer than one foot, the offending toddler was zapped with 'the evil stare' and that baby would back off, whimpering with it's tail between his legs. Go girl!

Last weekend, we enjoyed a trip to the Victoria & Albert Museum. We loved the paintings while the twins were amazed by the big stuffed tiger that, according to them, says, 'meow.'

Other news:

Daddy is now biking to work. It takes him only 30 minutes so his commute is shorter.

Bridgett is pregnant with number 2! Since her first, Scout, was an easy baby who slept through the night at 3 weeks, we are all secretly hoping that she'll see what a 'real' baby is like !