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The 4th of July gave us the opportunity to celebrate at the American Ambassador's residence in Regent's Park (yeah, us and 2,000 other pitiful Americans!). A huge picnic was arranged with mega barbecues, a US football game, hot air balloon and free Ben & Jerry's. It was great for about an hour. Too bad it then POURED rain and we huddled under the only tree....until that broke down leaving us to run for our cars... But at least we were in excellent company- Tim, Gina and their frolicking triplets.

What a month!
July just flew by (and the hard drive, too!), so let's catch you all up....

4th of July picnic

The weekend of the 14th of July brought Virginie (Gontran's sister) for a long awaited visit. We were invited to the French Ambassador's residence to celebrate Bastille Day (again, us and 1,000 other froggies). Smarter this time, we left the twins with their wonderful and irreplaceable babysitter Sarah. That left us free to eat, drink and schmooze with the other Chanel-clad Louis Vuitton wearing socialites. Well, actually, Virgine and Elizabeth had little time for chatting, there was some serious chocolate tasting to do!

Theo's snail trail

And he is into EVERYTHING! His world has suddenly expanded and he has things to do, places to go, and t.v. cables to chew on, flowers to taste, cutlery to play with, liquor cupboard to empty, electrical plugs to test... His other current hobbies include opening and shutting doors-cupboard doors, front doors, cabinet doors and closet doors. This skill came in handy when we went shopping for a clothes dryer. You bet Theo tested each door (open-close-open-close-open close), and chose the one that made the loudest bang! when slammed. He is also wild about putting things in a box, especially boxes that fit into boxes. But when a big one won't fit into a smaller one, he pounds it angrily, until deeply distressed he hurls it across the room. We have a basket full of small stuffed animals, and Theo likes to empty the basket one by one then fill it up again and start over. But his main passion is cables and cords, especially the ones for daddy's expensive speakers.

Theo's main communication method is rubbing his fist against his mouth to make "ba ba ba ba." Translation: "avocado is scrummy," or "my sister is bugging me." Theo is highly amused by yelling into a bowl to hear the different sounds he can make.

Theo got 3 top teeth all at the same time. What a gruelling week that was for him (ouch!) and his mom (please stop crying!). But Theo's major accomplishment is that as of Thursday, he is ON THE MOVE!! He isn't crawling, but instead he is "scooting" across the floor on his butt. This technique works well on our wood floor, but is less effective on the carpet or outside on the grass. In the sandbox, he leaves a "snail trail" wherever he goes! He has tried to crawl, reaching for objects, but just gets very frustrated.

If I could crawl, I would reach it...

I'll be with you in a minute

I'm a big boy now

Little white riding hood

Theo is no longer a baby and really looks like a little boy now. He refuses to drink from a bottle, and will only use his "sippy cup." He gets so excited when he sees it - he starts rocking back and forth doing the "ba ba ba" thing with his mouth. Madeline is less impressed with the sippy cup, but will use it when she's really thirsty.

Madeline is still quite happy to sit still playing with her toys. She especially likes you to point to a small object and then she picks it up and hands it to you. She could do that for hours. Every night after she goes to bed, her mom puts together a "treasure box." In an old tin can, mom puts lots of little objects, like a spoon, keys, rubber duck, bell, makeup brush, etc. In the morning Madeline loves to take off the lid of the can and discover each new thing inside. She takes each object carefully out, examines it from every angle, and then tosses it over her shoulder and starts with the next object.

Her main achievement of late is that she can wave "bye bye." But it's no ordinary wave- she rotates her wrist like the Queen's official wave. (Definitely inherited from the noble Quillacq clan.)

Got milk?

Alberta Einstein

She has finally got another tooth, making a total of 2!

Madeline's hair is growing in a bit frizzy, definitely inherited from the Quillacq side. In the morning, after a long night's sleep, she bears a huge resemblance to Albert Einstein.

Madeline's first tooth

Hmm, delicious, thanks.

A few weeks ago they saw a ball bounce for the first time. They were both completely mesmerized and then laughed hysterically each time I let the ball drop and bounce.

Daddy went to New York City on business a few weeks ago and brought home a bunch of alphabet blocks. Huge and instant success. Madeline looks at each, one at a time; while Theo gives them a quick licking and then throws them across the room. Typical!

Madeline has caught on to Theo's idea of "killing" food before it's eaten. As you know, Theo smashes everything with his flattened palm, but Madeline prefers to torture her victims by squishing them with a tightened fist and watching it ooze between her fingers. Otherwise, her current favorite finger food is corn nibblets that she eats one kernel at a time.

They have been promoted to the big bathtub and have a great time splashing eachother and chewing on the rubber ducks.

Don't worry mum, we counted them;
They are all here - except the one Madeline ate.

Duck and splash time

It seems we can't leave them alone for a minute! Just look what happened to the box of baby wipes when we turned our backs for a few seconds!