Sunday 21/5 to Sunday 25/6: Happy Birthday, honey!

Happy birthday, my wife. It's an important step in your life. The most important birthday of life, they say, since it is the biggest transition. Well, congratulations honey, because you've done just that. You have turned a page, completly changed your business life to take care our Madeline & Theodore. Just by seeing them so happy, so healthy, progressing so much (and so cute!), one can say you are doing once again a remarkable job. And all three of us would like to thank you for it, and I want to thank you also for all these great years we have been together.


Stockholm's old city

For your birthday present, you have chosen an antique crystal chandelier. Because it won't be delivered for a month or so, all I can say is that it looks great on the picture! (much better than the one you wanted to buy at an e-bay auction...) It's worth mentionning that Elizabeth went to Venice to choose it, as she took a few days off away from the kids and London, while accompaning her friend Rachel. The kids enjoyed a wild weekend with their daddy. The weekend nearly lasted 6 days, since the centralized air-control computer for all of London failed, cancelling almost all the flights until Thursday. Luckily she got another flight back home on Monday.

Several weeks ago, we went together as a family to another nice European city, Stockholm. It's a remarkable city by many standards: great buildings, great museums, great parks everywhere, great lakes, great history... We spent the three day weekend wandering around the old city with the kids, spending time in one or the other museum. We also took a boat ride around the city's numerous islands that was well worth it. We even saw a huge parade and the royal family passing by, all to welcome the twins (and the Japanese Emperor.)

We have just spent the afternoon sailing the Thames. Tim & Gina and their triplets, Rachel, the twins and ourselves went on board Sara & Scott's boat. The weather was may be not as magnificent as last week-end, but we surely did enjoy the day all together. Seeing all the historical monuments from the river and at OUR pace was a real enjoyment. We had the time to talk to each other while sippimg a glass of champagne. That was cool.

Hmpf! I just farted!

Theo, you crack me up!

On the small things of life:
Theo has started flapping his arms; It is too easy for Madeline now, as she is now at the hand-clapping step.
Theo laughs so hard when you bite his sides and blow under his neck. That little guy will suffer so much from being so ticklish.
Madeline points her finger at everything around her. If you point your finger at her, she will touch it with hers. "ET, phone home..."
Theo has always been more into learning to walk and crawl, while Madeline's interest was communication. So Elizabeth patiently taught Madeline how to do the "no-no" head movement, by repeating it for several weeks. She now does it with pleasure, as we do it with her back and forth. We had shown it only once to Theo, who was not interested at all. So we were really surprised a couple of days ago, when we surprised BOTH kids doing it to each other! Theo had learned it from his sister!
Our little boy has discovered that he can modify his voice by putting his hand in and out of his mouth. It has now become his favourite sound. Madeline says "da da da da" all the time, even when daddy is trying to teach her the "papa" word. Maybe she is trying to teach him English? Also, when Elizabeth points at Madeline's toes while saying "toe", Madeline answers with "t- t- t-". Almost there, sweetheart.
Theo has grown a third tooth, on the upper side. We believe two other will come out soon, on the upper side again. But what's the use of having three or five teeth, if none is facing any other?

Madeline still has one lonely tooth, but we start to see a white dot on the upper side. Maybe she won't be anymore that old one-tooth grandma for long.
They are both sleeping much better now. We've even had a few days starting at 7h30. We are crossing our fingers.

In the crib, on the bed, on a trunk