Monday 13/3 to Sunday 2/4: Or maybe summer?

It could be the great weather we've had recently, or the kids growing with joy, or the piece of news you might already know, but which is too early to publish. In any case, it feels like a new beginning, a flow of life coming back into our home. Here are a few chosen moments:

The new stroller has arrived! - we had ordered it a few weeks after the birth but hey, this is UK, not the US - It's a twin, side-by-side stroller. Since the two passenger are separated neither by an elbow-cushion nor a metal bar, the buggy has a reduced width which enables it to go through most doors. It can also be transformed from a sitting to a sleeping pram, and Madeline and Theodore can enjoy looking around or sleeping soundly during the walks. Daddy has discovered the pleasure of shopping around and expose his bouts-de-chou proudly. He even went to a twin meeting for mothers and FATHERS, at which he had the pleasure of talking nappies to other bankers.

We also bought a pair of high chairs, to help in the solid food distribution. We can fold them, and we should soon be able to hang them in the kitchen (yes, honey, I'll do that this week-end). They have already understood what it means to be seated there. Seating in there soothes the crying pumpkins in seconds. They are able to hold a spoon now. This is yet another proof that these kids are smart: they instantly realised that these tools were made to go into their mouth. As with everything else. Madeline actually shoves it so deep down her throat that she gaggs herself. Do think she could be anorexic?

Ready for action

Mom, your food is gross!

On the food discovery side, they welcomed chicken and fish without much warmth. Egg is definitely a no-no, we tried it at the end of their feeding yesterday morning, and they both vomited it all up, with the rest of the meal. And since we are in the gore paragraph, let's mention that Madeline accepted tomato with basil in the morning, green pepper with avocado for lunch, which enabled her to throw up, and voila! Salsa. Thank you Madeline.

The twins discovered the swimming pool. Madeline loved to splash and splash again, with arms and legs, trying to get out of her parents arms. She was ready to go. Theo was ... so brave. He was the one who realized the depth of the water, and sensed the presence of the monsters at the other side of the pool, splashing themselves so much. He was the one also who warned his sister of these dangers, and reassured his parents with warm cuddles.
On the small things of life:
bulletWe had mentionned to you earlier on that Madeline discovered her voice, which she develops by yelling. It turns out a bit embarrassing: She screams so loud that people walking down the street stop and look at our house wondering whether we are torturing our children. Our neighbors asked us if our child was sick and if they could be of some help. The best is that after every scream, she looks at us with a big smile and a deep sense of satisfaction.
bulletTheo has grown his first two teeth. They followed each other by one day. Elizabeth has been checking almost every day for their appearance, but it is Sarah who found it. You could hardly see it, rather feel it with your fingers. Man, that thing is sharp as new!
bulletAmy has sent to us a video tape of "Baby Mozart" after we realized our VCR could accept the American NTSC standard. The kids LOVE it. They become so quiet, smiling at the toys or getting excited when they recognize their favourite hero.
bulletTheo took control of the keyboard again. His advice of the day is:
?.z\ 7\x,,XZ\ 7TBK SZQK,MN , 98e9 l; ZXS;.,V X @DWW ZZPOI ;.// XA1 23 D X CRE ,,./
We guess its a pretty good internet site, with plenty of toys animations and numerous links.
bulletNaptime is now a bit more structured. Not only do they both go into Mom & Dad's big bed, but also at set hours. Madeline is usually the hardest to get to sleep - she thinks it's hilarious. She flails her arms and legs and screams with joy for an hour. Her poor brother covers his head trying to catch some zzzs. The solution was found recently: we take a blanket and wrap her up like a mummy; our little sausage can't move anymore. We even block her yells with a pacifier. So far it works wonderfully well - she fell asleep today in less than 30 seconds!
bulletAnd one last thing - our nanny has now left. We won't replace her. Instead, there is now a free guestroom, for whoever wonders about coming to see us... Eventually, we might turn it into a twin-proofed room for when they start crawling and playing around.
Hey, look at what my shares have done!

A few pictures:

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