Saturday 4/3 to Sunday 12/3: It must be Spring

There is an atmosphere of happiness that floats around. The kids will be 6 months next Wednesday. And although they are still tough to raise, we see them smile and we enjoy their characters. Theo craves for a cuddle, Madeline sings all day. They are our little pumpkins.

Elizabeth took the kids to a ball bath, you know this kind of Ikea child center. She went there with Gina and her triplets. The moms definitely had fun. The five kids are still trying to understand what happened to them. Theo has been trying to eat one of these balls the whole time, with little success we have to say. Madeline and Theodore took the opportunity to check on the triplet's toys, of which some are great successes. But the best toy they have remain very simple, it's a big piece of tissue paper: so noisy when you crush it, so big you can cover your face with it, so large, you can tear it into pieces and still play with all the pieces.

Julia Child and Dehlia Smith watch out! Mom spends a lot of time making new baby foods. After steaming them, and mashing them, she puts the liquid into ice cube trays. Once frozen, she has several kinds of cubes ready, and she can offer diversity in the kids' meals by mixing the cubes. Mashed peas and apricots was a big success! On the list of new foods, butternut squash is the favorite; tomato and basil is OK; rubharb and cinnamon is sour; prunes have a weird taste and blueberries are hard to prepare (the skin has to be removed).

Nisette made these outfit by hand.

On the small things of life: Theo has been enjoying his door jumper so much that he has gotten a rug burn on his pinky toe. Madeline loves when you eat or bite her hand or foot, that little masochist. We guess the kids are blondish, if not blond. Theo has been sitting on my lap while I was working on the site. He took control of the keyboard at one time to express himself. Here is his message:

" mmtr m,,rffff vdx fffffz x mhnxzzzzzvbbbbbp1zpz xfoud uuuuuu"
As you can see, our child is very advanced for his age. And he can do operations on a pocket calculator too!

And one last thing- our nanny has resigned.

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