Monday 7/2 to Friday 3/3: Life rolls on...

The bambinos are settling into more of a routine - driving us crazy on a regular basis!

Madeline is rolling over! She has also discovered her voice and tries it out at several decibels. She can scream like a banshee and we are thinking of getting her a dubbing role in a horror film. She has also discovered her feet; they taste good. She smiles CONSTANTLY, especially at her brother. However, he only has eyes for her pacifier! Dad thinks he must be really loved to receive so many smiles; but Mom says she smiles more at her plastic giraffe rattle than at him.

Theo loves his door jumper. He looks like a puppet on strings. If you say "Theo?", he jumps and turns around again and again laughing so hard. It is so fun to see him pushing strong and high on his little legs. It is so relaxing when he falls asleep after all that exhaustion. Theo also loves to spend some time in his car seat. If you encourage him with a clapping cheer "Go, Theo, go; Go, Theo, go...", he gets in such a strong rocking movement that he somehow manages to scoot across the room. This guy is gonna be such a sports fan. We found him 4 feet away from his play mat yesterday (his head in the chimney). We assume he is now able to roll over also! (We guessed he didn't drive up to there, nor hide a bicycle somewhere).

We had another fantastic week-end in France. The family loves to spoil Madeline and Theodore with toys, snuggles and attention. We had a surprise family gathering, as all the brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews came for lunch on Sunday. For those who are not used to it, this means an extra 19 people to seat at a table that already accommodated seven including the twins. The youngest of the nephews were eating on the garden table, while playing football in the sun. The eldest of the nephews were eating in the kitchen, talking about their last ski trip or end of year exams to come. The other ones kept the dining room for themseves (old fatheads).

The French passports for Mademoiselle and Monsieur have arrived! Now that she is French, Madeline refuses to speak to her uncultured, unsophisticated and tacky American mother. She is demanding that her father takes her to Chanel and Louis Vuitton on the rue Faubourg St Honore in Paris immediately. Theo wants a beret and feels that he no longer needs mom's milk. He is insisting that because he is French, he will eat only foie gras, tripes, escargots and rabbit. Washed down with Chateau Neuf du Pape 1986 of course!

Since we are talking about food, it is worth mentionning they have done a big progress in eating solids: They understood that puree and mashed vegetables are easier to eat if you close your mouth when swallowing... Their parents are also delighted that they close the mouth AFTER (not before) the spoon is inside. The next step will be to teach them to put their hand in front of their mouth when they sneeze or cough.

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