Thursday 13/1 to Sunday 6/2: First food

Solid food was the big project on our return from California, as the midgets were getting always more hungry. They had a bit of a difficulty at the start to eat the semi-liquid goo, as they were more pushing it with their tongue than swallowing it. But now, banana has become everybody's favorite, followed closely by zucchini. For these delicacies, Theo will start to grumble if mummy turns the spoon to Madeline. "I want more! Now!" Madeline loves to blow bubbles with her food. All three have to change their clothes after the meal.

There are cuter pictures of Theo...

Dancing Madeline
The kids are always more awake. They are now noticing each other, smiling and gurgling at each other regularly. They are much more demanding intellectually, no more "arheu?" nor "make a smile". Theo has already started asking questions about War and Peace. So we had to install a door jumper. It was so succesfull it was quickly followed by a second one, in the shape of an airplane (Head-pilot Theo is ready for new adventures). Beware where you walk, you might slip and fall in the pool of drool they leave under them.

Trust her with the kids, and it takes only two minutes!
We went to Lille on the last week-end of January. The whole Quillacq clan reunited for this second twin presentation. It was in particular Virginie's first discovery of our "little shrimps". Don't believe the picture, the kids loved her.

Mum is enjoying her twins club. She invites mothers-of-twins-to-be at home and explains how it will be. Some leave scared, some don't believe it. In the latter case, we usually stop hearing from them after the birth: they have neither family nor nanny to help them, sometimes not even the cot and equipment... and certainly not the time to pickup the phone. Elizabeth is now considered as an expert on multiple births in the club. She has even started a library for the members. She owns most of what has been printed on the subject, and records where to find the other ones.

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