Sunday 19/12 to Wednesday 12/1: Californiahhhh!

It had been such a long time since we took some real vacations. And, man, these were real.

We were based at Rick & Maureen's house, spending time with them during the evening. We also enjoyed their babysitting, leaving to them the pleasure of giving to their grandchildren the nighttime bottle feed. We were invited on a night promenade, to see the best of the Christmas decorations in town. That tradition doesn't exist in Europe, and it was an exciting discovery. I guess there are retired electricians who never really left the business. We also enjoyed the big Matey/Harvey Christmas meeting (thanks for all these cute presents, and for dinner). During daylight, we used to go here and there in the Bay Area, to spend some time with various family members and friends; Madeline & Theodore wanted to cuddle with all of them.

Rick & Maureen with their grandchildren

Tandem ride

Just a few Christmas lights

Aunt Barbara is back with the twins

Madeline and her rubber duck

Theo and his rubber duck

Grandma and her great-grandchildren
Grandma came from Phoenix to meet the twins. She sure enjoyed her armfull of babies. They must have enjoyed it too, since they offered to share their milk with her. Theo actually didn't even let her refuse.
We also had the visit of Bridgett and Jen from Utah. They left with their biological clocks ticking... We went to see Bridgett's horse racing at the Golden Gate Fields. Bridgett, we consider you still owe us $20. Luckily for you, Theo (our bookmaker) won $20 on the last race, and he will give you credit 'till your next visit.

The real Bridgett, says Theo

Goble Family, Christmas 1999
There was a Goble / Herrick family reunion in the mountains, near Arnold. Two houses were rented, with one dedicated to the couples with children of young age - understand the "noisy fellows".We stayed together, talked to each other, exercised our livers together, snowboarded together (thanks Mike for the red slope). We had a cheese fondue one night, wine included. On Chirstmas Eve, everybody got his presents, which made quite a few ones.

These four weeks passed so quickly. They were such a relaxation for us. It was also so important for us to spend Christmas in the US (after 8 years in France) and to introduce our bouts-de-chous. We just hope our family enjoyed the visit as much as we did.

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