Saturday 18/12: The Virgin Fairy

Once upon a time in rainy London, a taxi dropped two tired parents and as many babies at the bottom of a two-hour queue at the Virgin Airlines check-in desk. The parents, embarrassed, then annoyed, fearfull, finally get on the verge of madness when the kids start to wake up (all this in a matter of minutes). Thank God, the Good Fairy appears and remind the parents that previous business trips with Virgin not only bring miles, but also membership status. And with a touch of her magic wand, appears a Virgin Airlines Gold Member Card.

"Excuse-me," I say to the red lady at the counter, "I know this a first class desk, and that we are travelling economy, but would you mind if we could check-in here? You see, we have two poor starving babies..."
The red lady, blinded with the glittering gold, answers the magic words:
"Of course, sir."
And there go four bulky pieces of luggage into the plane baggage hold, while we are allowed to carry FIVE hand baggages! Thank you, Virgin Fairy... After a little rest at the Virgin Lodge - the place with headdressers and a golf minicourse, where the red lady keeps on repeating "Champagne?" - we are invited to walk to our gate. The red lady, expecting our arrival, helps us with the baby car seats and with our embarrassing hand luggage.
"On board, you will have two baby bassinets. We have also left free the two seats next to you."

Second miracle from the Virgin Fairy... During the flight, the red lady is quite happy to play with the twins, and is very nice with the parents. Did you know that for take-off newborns are attached to their parents' belly with a special seat-belt? Well that's what the red lady says. Once arrived in San Francisco, the red lady escorts the parents, their children and the paraphernalia through that special quick-access gate for flying personnel. The red lady then helps catch the luggage, and pushes the two carts through the customs, where we have to give her our sorry farewell.

The blue shuttle driver is impressed with our luggage. He is a courteous man, but he doesn't help us any further than the terminal. We catch two trolleys, and push the family to the Hertz counter. The blue lady, has effectively the booking of our car arranged by Elizabeth two weeks before. She has the credit card details, but not the proof of pre-payment.
The blue lady: "It must have been sent to you."
Us: "It hasn't been sent to us. Your booking office said that everything will be ready for us at the desk, ready to go."
The blue lady: "Yes, but I need the receipt."
Us: "Then, ask your booking office to send it."
The blue lady (after twenty minutes) "They are faxing us the receipt, but the fax doesn't come. I am sorry, but I will have to charge you."
etc, etc, etc... Virgin Fairy, where are you?
Virgin Fairy must have been busy working at her third miracle at Alamo Rental; The man there can improve the deal, and with a car ready to go. When he presents us with the keys, the blue lady tells us she finally has the receipt. Oh, yes? That's nice. Would you mind giving us your details? We have a long fary tale for your boss.