Wednesday 17/11, back on the air !

After such a long time dealing with practical, materialistic and insignificant matters, we are back on the air to give you an update on the "bouts".

We have seen them change recently, quite a lot actually. OK, we should have told you about, but you know what, they use some of our time. Anyway, here is the essence of the last weeks:

The first grins that looked like nervous rictus at 5 weeks have now turned into real and regular smiles. Theo wins the prize for the best smiler. He even smiles when he eats. Unfortunately, that makes him loose the nipple, so it's rather short-lived. He usually smiles for 2 continuous minutes right after the feed, until he realises something has left his mouth. After 10 minutes of plastic nipple (what a wonderful fixation), he doesn't feel hungry anymore, and is ready for yet another seance of smile. Madeline smiles too, she is such an affectuous sweetheart. She crinkles her nose and her brown fawnlike eyes light up. She smiles with such a good heart, returning to you the love she receives.

And they speak too! Well, let's say that if you repeat the magic "Arheu?" question for a dozen times, you can be answered with some "ah", some "ahe" or some "rheu". I let you imagine the scene: both parents stare at their kids face-to-face - since they are supposed not to see any further than 20 cm, you have to be really close-, and they repeat dum expressions like "Hello my son", "Do you want to make me a smile?". Yes we have turned "gaga". Meanwhile, the kids invest their best effort to express a sound from their uncontrolled throat. But its so hard to use that thing which they have just been given two months ago. Most of the times, nothing comes out of it. From time to time, there's a little peep that comes out. So when they are too frustrated of this little result, they go for the big cry. Don't laugh, it's quite difficult for them to do... It's like when you learned to whistle. You tried to make your first sound, and tried again, and tried again... while all your friends are already at the national anthem stage. To tell the truth, I still can't do the whistle, and I forgot about the "La Marseillaise" dream, so I'll be patient with my two "bouts". And I will take the next full "arheu" for the final proof of their incredible courage, of their remarquable motivation and of their impressive singing talent.

They are growing so fast. They have been weighted at 4.4 Kg last week (approx. 10 lbs), which proves that Bessy's milk is of great quality and abundance, even for two. We used to have little kittens, and now we have a Theo with a double chin and fatty fingers. Who did he get that from? Madeline doesn't have the chin, she actually still has long and thin fingers. She's a little princess, like her mum :) I don't know where she can be stacking all her weight though.

Madeline moves a lot. She shakes her head left and right like an owl; One day she'll do the full 360 degrees turn. She sleeps with her head fallen back at 90 degrees; We guess she'll be a contortionist for a circus later on. She also moves her fingers all the time; She'll be a harpist. She throws her arms in the air all the time; She's practicing her karate. When the right arm goes straight in the air, and we all return "Heil"; Grandma Quillacq doesn't like that. Actually, we wonder if her energy isn't the return of fortune for Erin's energic youth... But don't worry all of you, she is first of all a very loving girl, with a very cute angel face and so much love for her parents (and Barbara and Grandma).

Theo is a much more quiet child. He burps easily, and falls asleep right after. But he's got his little temper. Don't be late for the feeding, he is more precise than the clock and doesn't have that much patience. He is also of the kind that doesn't like the dirty diaper. It makes it actually much easier for the adults: when he cries, first check the clock, then check the nappy. If it's at night, it's because his pacifier has fallen out of his mouth. But besides this temper, he also is the little boy that a cuddle will calm. He loves to fall asleep on Grandma's or daddy's belly. When his sister is crying in bed next to him, he always stretches his hand to her, until he catches her hand. No kidding. It is SO cute, except that sometimes he rather catches her face. Theo is Mister wise man, and gets a look ofdeep contemplation on his face. The best example is while breastfeeding, he recognizes the face of that women there, stops sucking, and with confusion on his face asks "What's that lady doing here?" And then a big smile. Which makes him loose the nipple, and then the worry sets in...

Grandma de Quillacq left today, so we are on our own. It's the first time without a chaperon. Part of us is scared silly, but a tiny part of us feels like our parents are going out of town and we'll prove that we are now in charge of the rest of the family.