Saturday 16/10 and Sunday 17/10, Daddy's WE in Dublin

On Friday's night, Daddy takes off for Dublin. It's a business week-end, organised by Societe Generale so that everybody can meet each other, "team building" it's called. During the dinner, starting at 22h30, start the first jokes. At the start of the cognac time (midnight), everybody bills his drink onto the boss' room. At the end of the cognac time (3h30 am) the boss, completly unaware, informs us that drinks were not included; He says that everybody will have to pay his own room "extras" with his own pocket...

On Saturday, when the sun rises at noon, we go downtown in a group of ten or so. First objective: a pub with a TV screen, as France is playing rugby against Fiji. For me, it's my first explanation of the rules. For the rest of the team, it's cheers and hiss. France wins, of course; I agree it was easy for us, no matter what the critics say.

After another round to celebrate victory and a few more laughs, we go to the main street. Up and down, ok , we've seen it. We then go to the Tourist Information Center to grab a map. We had missed it all by a few blocks. So we go to the Trinity College, the oldest in town. Buildings are effectively nice, but the students' club is much better.

We then go to St Patricks' Cathedral, after a little coffee and cake stopover. The boss joins us, still unaware. Oh, look over there. We then go towards the bar district, where we all have rendez-vous for dinner. We have to stop for a drink on the way. The restaurant is cool, nice cocktails, nice food, nice wine, nice cigar and really good fun all along.

We are the first ones to enter the night club. When I reach the bar, I look for the boss. He is such a cool guy with his credit card. Bad luck, a voice from the second floor reminds me that the drinks are at everybody's charge. I tell you, the boss should keep his credit card with him at all times. But everything's ok, as one of the sales offers me the bottle on the company business card....

When I return to the hotel with the rest of the group, I call the airline company to change my flight. The babies sounded so tough on every body back at home, that Dad wanted to take the first flight home. Shower, bag packing, taxi, airport, flight, tube, taxi, home. The surprise makes more than one person happy, and dad joins everybody else for the exceptional nap. The rest of the sunday means family hapiness.