Tuesday 12/10 to Friday 15/10, in the valley

The week was quiet, which means the usual cries and standard sleep depravation. Aunt Barbara will leave in a week or so; The twins' grandma will then come to stay for three weeks. But we can't help wonder what will happen after. What if they are not sleeping through the night at that time?

There's no way we would be able to survive. A maternity nurse costs £800 a week. Just registering in an agency to find a "Home Helper", the smallest qualification for the job, costs already £500. Parents of twins say they have used years of savings to hire nannies.

Friday's expiry (hey, a month already?) went really well, like in a school case. So what? I'm still leaving the office at 9pm every evening, and I feel I'm just doing the bare minimum to maintain the desk after the two resignation I've had ("Too much work!", well, thanks for leaving it to me, buddy). That will change soon, it seems, yeah right. Anybody wants to bring along a hardworking, responsible and sucessfull equity derivatives trader with 4 years of experience in options and index arbitrage in a more efficient organisation?

Anybody wants to help taking care of our little angels?