Monday 11/10, the grandparent's day

Aunt Josette was the last of the sisters to pass by, followed by the roast of porc.

Jo, we sincerely appreciated your visit and your time;
please forgive my little joke

The grandparents went a bit of the way with Madeline and Theo, back to the UK. The plan was to visit the Museum of lace in Bailleul. It was actually a school of lace, where the students talked and showed the delicateness of their work. We then went to visit the Abbaye of the Mont-des-Cats, so full of memories. The audio presentation showed how hard the manual work and the silence of contemplation are, how the daily tasks are spaced with prayers and communion, how far concentration and self-renunciation can go.

The afternoon ended at the foot of a Windmill, in an "estaminet", that typical tavern from the old Flamish region. You can still discover there the games of yesteryear, the housing equipment from the coal times, and the beers of always. Then comes the way back, but our hearts filled with peace and joy.