Sunday 10/10, the children's day

Martine and Vero passed by in the morning. Aunt Martine succeeds in calming Madeline. Aunt Vero gets a huge smile from Theodore. Everybody else enjoys foie gras pate with Sauternes, followed by rabbit with Haut-Medoc, and topped with ice-cream and water please.

The other grandchildren start to arrive soon after. They are all here, Severine, Tiphaine, Loic, Sophie, Matthieu, Yann, Vianney, Emilie, Maxime, Simon, Thibault, Marion, Baptiste and Pauline to discover and welcome their new cousins, offering flowers to the new mum. The brothers and sisters were present too, Blandine and Frederic, Jerome and Catherine, Anne and Carl, although Virginie was stuck by work in Dijon, missed it, and missed it.

All these loved ones played a lot, inside or outside, altogether or by groups, enjoying a bicycle race, the sunroof of Eizabeth's new car, a football match or just a chase. All made a lot of noise, had lots of fun, enjoyed each other. The kids' group picture was an experience.