Saturday 9/10, the adults' day

Everybody enjoyed that sleep-in, in that big house in the green, far from the rush of the capital, far from the noise, far from these Oh so nice people, and so close to this part of ourselves that we call our early years. The birds sing by the window in the morning, joining in unisson Madeline and Theo, and dad who sleeps so soundly. Meanwhile, mom wakes one more time to feed, and again.

At the end of the morning comes the first visitor, Aunt Edith, who enjoys the kids and a chat, while the rest of us thinks of the foie gras pate to come, and that Guinea fowl she didn't want to share. Cheers my aunt.

The afternoon will be for Barb, Elizabeth and Dad. Lille gives the first two enough to walk around and shop around, while the last one goes straight to the "Furet du Nord", Europe's largest bookstore, to wander through the piles of books, from the new arrivals to the pretty to the eyes, passing next to the comics, this unforgetable sin. The ladies didn't have that much time in the old town, but mum enjoys her new scarf. Time goes so fast when you enjoy it. We stop on the way home to stack up on wine and other delicacies requested by the friends and our other halves back there.

Barbara will discover escargots back at home. No, it doesn't taste like chicken. She asks for more, at the great satisfaction of her guests. And she was very polite and asked for more only once, while granddad and dad sacrifice themselves. The retreat is early. Burp.