Friday 8/10, welcome to France, welcome to us

We will bring the kids to France today for a long week-end. Aunt Barbara is coming also. Had she been a Philipino nanny, we would have locked her back into her closet. Actually there is even some French cuisine awaiting her at the Euro-Grand-Parents' home.

Maybe the kids will love the country so much, they will ask to stay over there. Maybe also one of the thirteen oncle and aunts that have planned to come see them will kidnap them. Maybe we'll never get over there, considering the time it already is...

We didn't arrive quite at the end of the morning as planned, but at 17h30. That means in French traditions too early for diner and really to late for lunch. But Grandfather, after having met his heir (the first grandchildren to bear the name), offered feast to his people. And what a feast; That cheese fondue was so good. Actually there's no way these 4 hungry birds could eat it all, and it was only the hors d'oeuvre of this week-end of food, rest and family happiness.