Saturday 2/10, car problems

After having taken care of the children for such a long week, Elizabeth and Barbara took the opportunity of Gontran's presence to go shopping out (nothing fancy: supermarket and a second sterilising tank at Toys'R Us). They left the house at the end of the morning, to come back not even 1 minute later: the brand new car has been broken into during the night. After having broken a window, someone stole the radio, Elizabeth's mobile phone and a mini-disc player which had been left in the car the previous night. The ladies go out anyway, as there's nothing else to steal in the car.

Meanwhile, the mechanic returns at last the old 205 which had been requested for several weeks now. Guess what, it's another surprise! During all that time, the garage people have been using the car that they have declared "written off": 500 km added to the counter and dog hair all over the back seat. They were kind enough to leave the windows open during the rains, waisting therefore the maps, guides and personal books in the door compartments. The best? It smells more than just moldy... thanks to the pet.

And managing these car adventures becomes the plan for the rest of the day: call the insurance, who sends someone to fix the window quickly -not for free, what do you expect?-, call the mobile phone company -too busy to pick up the phone!- and look for a car alarm -too late for today.

Just enough time at the end of the afternoon to pick-up a rocking chair, the gracious present of Grandma Goble to her great-grandchildren. On the way, a bakery enables to bring home a second morale booster for everybody.

Grandma's rocking chair; babies not included