Sunday 26/9, a milestone for this century

The new parents had known for ages that their twins would leave an imprint on this world before the turn of the century. Today is the day. Mum and Dad have bought some dough which seems flexible enough at room temperature; It will be used to make plaster casting of the kids' hands and feet.

Well, for the imprint of the century, we'll wait for next week. The dough is too hard to press their little hands into. For now, we'll go to the shop next door, which can fire dye imprints on ceramics. We'll print on tiles the hands and the feet. After that, we'll have to look, either for wax, or for a company that will do the castings for us.

Grandma is going back home tomorrow. We'll search her for kids beforehand.
Aunt Barbara is arriving tomorrow. She's been recruited ... for night duties (don't tell).

Theo and mamy; Madeline and Barbara