Saturday 25/9, vroom

A couple of weeks ago, a truck decided to redesign the aerodynamism of the Peugeot 205. That old car (1984) had passed from one member of the family to the another. It has been a great help all along, but it's now time for us to let it go. The insurance has written it off for £ 675. Although it is worth almost nothing in theory, it can still prove usefull if we buy it back for £ 30 and fix it for yet another life of service. It has actually already been requested by Severine, the eldest of the nieces, who has started University two weeks ago.

The parents-to-be had spent several week-ends test-driving different cars to replace it. The choice was more or less made at the time of birth, but the decision was effectively taken on Friday. The car got delivered this morning [against the biggest check we had ever written :-( ] and it is a great choice. It's still sporty, as we didn't want to jump from the student car to the family van, but will give us room and safety to transport these precious things.

Elizabeth's new car: the CR-V, in black.

Madeline and Theodore went for a little test drive (hey grand-ma, want a ride?), then received a few friends, which were polite enough to offer flowers to the former head-of-the-house. Elizabeth did appreciate these presents, and loved talking to these people who don't always answer with "feed me".

Parents-to-be ?

The situation right now is typical of the last days:

- Mum is breastfeeding Theo. He is in Nirvana, with his eyes closed and his body fully relaxed. Once fed, he will be so quiet and comptented, he is our junky.
- Grandma is cleaning Madeline. She has pooped twice then peed twice while on the changing table (while the nappy was not adjusted...) She loves it. Soon she will join her boob-brother. She's not as relaxed as he is: eyes opened, she constantly checks that nobody tries to steal the breast she holds with her two hands.
- Dad takes care of side aspects, keeping everybody posted with the internet site for instance.

After the feed, and once the remaining milk has been pumped out in preparation for the coming night, Mum and Dad will take their first time out in days (to the supermarket next door, which is so classy). But at least, they will be riding their super cool car... yeah... which will count as another four-wheel-drive who will see the next parking lot as only off-road.