Friday 24/9, ahhhh

The parents have at last enjoyed a decent night. Mummy has slept 6 hours if you sum up the little bits here and there. And daddy has slept an embarrassing nine and a half hours! It's time to rebalance these hours equally, now.

The breast pump has enable to collect 2 x 2 oz. of milk, while a normal feed is 1 to 2 oz. The new feeding experiment took place in the middle of the night: Madeline and Theo slurped the whole lot in less than 5 minutes, against 30 to 45 minutes for the same quantity normally. They were surprised themselves on how quickly it went.

We can be so quiet ...

... in mummy's and daddy's big bed.

There's another feed in the fridge ready. Mum's in bed, taking a nap she surely deserve.