Thursday 23/9, help!

After another sleepless night, it was time to give a big push on two projects.

First of all, put a hand on one of these breast pump. The different organisms lending these equipment didn't seem very keen on returning the calls, and an intensive phone campain brought result: an association based in the next street will rent one to us for a month. The pump will enable the mother to keep on sleeping while someone else feed the hungry little birds.

On the other hand, we needed another pair of hands, as we only have 8 hands in the house now. The grand-mother accepted to come from the same day 'till monday. Elizabeth's aunt will then come for three weeks. Now, the parents will find the time for a few hours of sleep, or to go back to work.

The babies are much more quiet with their grand mother. She has recognized the use of a third layer of clothes. And the twins want to show themselves as proper quiet kids, so that they'll be invited at their grandparent's house later on. For the parents, it's a great relief.

Cool the net, it publishes info so quickly, but we have so little time that I will always be 1 week late in the typing...
An idea of the last week:
  1. feeding
  2. winding
  3. sleeping (10 minutes if lucky)
  4. nappies changing
  5. goto 1