Friday 17/9, daddy spends the day at work

Gontran is at work on a busy day. His first expiry went OK. He calls his wife at 2pm. She has spent another sleepless night. The nurses and midwifes helped, but they want to put Madeline and Theo under formula milk. The new parents prefer the natural milk; it is a bit harder at the start, but better for the babies. How can accept "You are starving your children" from nurses who obviously haven't read litterature on twins, nor met members of any twin club. It's difficult to resist after 4 sleepless nights, but Elizabeth hangs on.

Gontran has to prepare his second expiry, the one on the close of the day. The busy preparation of the afternoon (and of the previous weeks) makes it go smooth. A last job given at 7h30 pm, and executed quickly (thanks to the Excel files well prepared in advance) enables daddy to return to his wife at 9h30 pm.

Meanwhile, mummy has been quite busy also. Both children took a bath, and have been weighted again. They have lost the standard 10% of the initial weight. Theo had difficulty again catching up on his temperature. He has been placed in an incubator, in which his sister goes as well. They sleep so much more now! They can have 2 hour-periods without crying, a benediction for their parents who can at last enjoy a good nap.