Thursday 16/9

When daddy arrives at hospital, he finds that his wife hasn't slept at all during the night. That makes close to the third night in a row, and mummy is exhausted. Time for daddy to do the maximum of work: nappies, winding, helping mumy for whatever she needs.

But mummy is still the only one able to run the milk bar, and that still takes almost all of her day. The milk is collostrum, and Madeline et Theodore loves it so much that they wake up every hour for a 45 minutes feed. Not much time to rest for a new mother who has endured the pains of labor a day earlier.

At mid-afternoon, daddy has to go to the office. He will go to work tomorrow for two expiries which require a bit of preparation the day before. He comes back around 20h30 to help his wife again.

And there goes the day...
Last call! announce the midwifes. There's got to be a mobile phone switched on somewhere.