Tuesday 14/9

After a long nervous night, a bit of traffic-jam makes us arrive at the hospital at 9h30 am. And then the big wait starts. The babies' heartbeats are recorded for an hour, then the inducement drug is given. It's a first time, as the hospital team has never had to induce a mother of twins before!

The mother-to-be starts to feel the contractions for good at the start of the afternoon. At 16h30, the anaesthetic is summoned for the pain relief. Quite impressive to put in place (thank god, Elizabeth couldn't see) the epidural starts to work after 45 minutes. Relief! And then continues the waiting... If the first contractions took place in the afternoon, the delivery officialy only starts at 19h30. Famous' waters are broken, and a clip is placed on his(her) head to monitor the heartbeats more accurately. Rich moves all the time, and changes of position every hour. Each time, its heart detector has to be adjusted, which is quite bothering for the mother.

At 22h15, a drip is placed at Elizabeth's wrist as the progression is too slow, and has to be acceerated . The speed of the drip is accelerated again at 23h30. When midnight rings three times, the pumpkins are not yet turned into surprises. "We'll check again in 2 hours" says the good doctor.