Created the Listed Options activity at Tykhe

Although several diversification efforts were in progress, I realized upon joining my company that the Equity Derivatives group had a large focus on Convertible Bonds. I therefore used my experience in option trading, as well as my activity building skills, to diversify this mix with a Listed Options Trading activity.

    Developing the vanilla option activity required the following steps:


Introduced an option pricer based on the MatLab infrastructure already available within the firm

Dividends Adapted my European dividend forecasting model to US shares
Risk management Used in my own excels the risk results computed by the Middle-Office system to create an efficient real-time risk & PL management environment
Research & opportunity detection

Created a tool to instantaneously collect information about stock and sectors. This concerned both: 

  • current and historical mathematical parameters: performance, dividends,  implied & historical volatilities, skews...

  • but also present and historical fundamentals: debt, earnings, leverage...

Registered the company to all the Broker Dealer research

Initiated stock and sector comparisons to detect opportunities.


Initiated contacts with brokers, traders and sales

Initiated the effective trading, starting with the Oil and Reit industry. 

Followed up with all the activity by sorting out all the middle and back mishaps